We’re thrilled to announce Digital Bionics (DJ Roger Andre)

Psy, Techno, Trance, Electro, EDM

Disco Sista Tent
Saturday 5 May 11pm


COAM Digital Bionics
Blue Electric Hand (Mystic Sound Records)

DJ Roger (Digital Bionics) came to live in Australia in 2011 from England where he started DJing in 1994 in Glastonbury town, Bristol and around the fields and forests of Somerset.

After being a part of the early rave scene in London, he left for the countryside of Somerset and settled in Glastonbury town in 1992.

He’s mixed in a lot of the smaller tents and cafes in Glastonbury festival year after year, bars and clubs in Bristol along with lots of private parties, heavily

influenced by what he describes as extraterrestrial Techno and other genres

in dance music that have a spacey and experimental edge, along with some of the more inspired happy and joyful melodic uplifting Trance sounds, Future House, Dubstep, Electro Tech, Breaks, Drum and Bass , Electronica, Electro House, EDM, Psy Trance, Pop ,IDM, Good Chill, Weird Trap, Odd Prog; well really good tunes in any genre.

He left his decks and records in England for the benefit of a younger generation and decided to use a laptop and controller for mixing in Australia where his first set was in the juice art gallery, Lismore NSW playing ambience, hybrid trap, breaky dubs and onto the bangers later in the evening.

Roger could also be heard playing casual in Jack’s Bar, Keen St, Lismore regularly, mixing a blend of House, Electro House, Techno, Prog Techno, Breaks, always with a psychedelic or crazy edge.

He was also a regular at Hony Pot Production’s beats on tap gigs, as well as the Mecca café, Electric Avenue, and numerous private parties such as Fashionably Trashed and Triple Treat, then getting headhunted from Jack’s Bar to play in Nimbin Town Centre for the Mardis Grass 2015 to finish off Saturday night, playing spaced out techno, and other nice wobbly bits and has gone on to play there for the last two NYE parties in 2015-16 and 2016-17 for a great international and local crowd, and now a regular for the Green Bass Sound System for his Nimbin gigs.

He’s also played multiple gigs for 3rd Eye Productions in Lismore NSW’s Hub, Bush Parties, and as of 2017 is looking forward to playing in the Gold Coast and breaking the incredible festival scene that Australia has to offer.

The latest, is being taken onboard as an artist, representative and DJ for Byron Bay Records, an exciting development because DJ Roger’s musical project ‘Digital Bionics’ now has a base, as well as offering regular gigs in Mullumbimby and around the Northern Rivers, not to mention the legendary status of Byron Bay and Nimbin in is own home town of Glastonbury in England.

Roger can also be heard playing tunes and tracks on his show  Roger’s Electronic Oddities’ which is on Lismore’s River FM 92. 9 or streaming live on: 2ncr.org.au/stream/ every Tuesday 10pm-12am East Coast NSW time Australia.