We’re thrilled to announce
RAP East Coast Hip-hop Mastermind Tycotic …
Indigo Embassy Video Exhibition

hip hop, urban, rap

Disco Sista Tent
Friday 4 May 8pm

Live Rap Video Exhibition from East Coast Hip-hop Mastermind Tycotic. Since 2010, The Embassy has produced 100s of videos ranging from underground 1 take spits to multi-media green screen and animated showpieces. Featured on MTV Australia / New Zealand. 2014 Tycotic produced Kerser’s S.C.O.T. National Tour DVD, which ranked #2 on ARIA Charts; his music video work for Kerser alone is ranking millions of views on you tube.

This all aussie hip-hop showcase highlights the genres’ strong ties to cannabis culture, selecting the dankest videos from Australia’s East Coast Hip-hop Community.

Featuring artists such as Fortay, The Hed Ubd, Hyjak, Kerser, Jacquie Lomas, Losty, Nix, Tycotic himself and more.

A culture of deviance, hip-hop to its community is not just a genre of music but a way of life. Drawing on the 4 artistic elements of rapping: DJ’ing, Graffiti writing and B-Boying… hip-hop has always had strong connections to cannabis and activist cultures, like a connecting puzzle piece in a patch work of unorthodox art societies. Come and immerse yourself in this collection of oz hip-hop weed anthems, selected specially for the annual Nimbin MardiGrass and brought to you by The Indigo Embassy.

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