Kalle Berry & da Sassy Gang

3 member crew

Friday 4 May 2018 10pm
Disco Sista Tent


Kalle Berry is an alternative hip hop artist coming from the west side of Brisbane and with amazing free styling abilities, versatile flow and unique sound he feels at home on any beat. With his upcoming first mix tape about to drop before the end of the year Kalle is gearing up for 2018 to be a big year!

Although born Joshua White in Brisbane Australia it wasn’t long before Kalle and his whole family embarked on one of the biggest changes in their life packing up everything they had and move to California, Sacramento to be exact for better opportunities for work, where Kalle quickly fell in love with all things America had to offer the NBA the hip hop and the culture that came with it. Kalle embraced his new home with open arms but after getting in trouble a few times his parents thought it best to move back to Australia. This is where Kalle decided to take up sound production at SAE and perfect his flow under the alias Kid Glory but It wasn’t long after members of a group HMS hired him to record some tracks that they noticing he had skills of his own and gave him the opportunity to record music and perform a number of shows with them before moving on to his own crew chronic delinquents where he spent the next 3 years crafting his skills under the name kid kally where he got to support artist like Hopsin and tour around Australia playing shows.





One of Talen’s old videos –


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